2017 Exhibitor list | Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2017

2017 Exhibitor list

Exhibitors at Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2017 include:



Terraplas plc is the undisputed 'World Leader in Turf Protection'. Having pioneered the first protection system for quality stadium turf in 1991, Terraplas continues to lead the industry through continuous innovation in cutting-edge design, production and material technology.

As a true protection system, Terraplas presents venues with the opportunity to be multi-use and maximise their revenue streams through hosting a wide range of events within a short time-frame, all while retaining a top-quality playing surface.

Successfully protecting high quality sports turf can be a challenge but not if you choose a Terraplas product, which come with a proven 23-year+ track-record.

No matter the Climate, Location or Event, Terraplas plc has the ultimate solution.

Come and talk to us on Stand D10 & see how working with Terraplas can benefit your facility.

Terraplas plcは、誰もが認める「芝の保護に関する世界的リーダー」です。高品質なスタジアムの芝用の保護システムを1991年に初めて世に送り出して以来、最先端の設計、生産、および材料テクノロジーにおける継続的なイノベーションを通じて、今なお業界をリードし続けています。



天候や場所、イベントの種類にかかわらず、Terraplas plcには最高のソリューションがあります。

D10ブースにぜひ足をお運びいただき、 Terraplasとの協力でどのようなメリットが得られるかをご覧ください。