2017 Exhibitor list | Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2017

2017 Exhibitor list

Exhibitors at Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2017 include:

Schmitz Foam


Schmitz Foam Products is a leading global supplier of high-end shock absorption and drainage products, manufactured under the ProPlay brand. ProPlay products are applied in various markets globally such as sports (soccer, tennis, hockey, rugby, American football and multi-sports), fall protection for playgrounds and applications for landscaping, cow stables and equestrian sports.

Schmitz regularly introduces new products and applications in response to customer requirements, market developments and technical innovations. Therefore, Schmitz for example developed solutions for ski slopes, heated fields (electric and liquid heating), surfaces for new and upcoming sports such as Padel and sport fields on roofs of buildings.

Schmitz Foam Productsは、ProPlayブランドの下、ハイエンドな衝撃吸収・排水機能製品を製造する世界のトップサプライヤーです。Proplayの製品は、スポーツ(サッカー、テニス、ホッケー、ラグビー、アメリカンフットボール、マルチ・スポーツ)、運動場での落下保護、修景や家畜小屋、乗馬など、世界のさまざまな市場で利用されています。